Cake Decorating

The techniques you need to create absolute showstoppers

Cake decorators are like architects, with the cake sponge as the foundation, different floors filled with mousse and cream, and walls made of frosting.

Focus on fundamentals

Take the time to understand the individual elements of cake making and decorating, how they come together, and exhibit the patience to practice, and you’ll be able to master ornate works of art.

A wide range of recipes

From cakes and cookies to fondant and buttercream to royal icing, our cake decorating videos include trade secrets not to be missed.

All things cake decorating

Here are just a few of the courses that you’ll find on cake decorating.

Piping embellishments with royal icing technique
Royal Icing Piping Embellishments

When it comes to decorating with royal icing, the possibilities are endless. In this course, we’ll instruct, step-by-step, intricate piping designs all from a batch of royal icing. Learn to enhance your basic piping skills with the lavish and ornate style of Lambeth or scrolls and arched swags. Begin perfecting the consistency of royal icing with our lessons the Fundamentals of Liquid & Semi-liquid Batters and All Royal Icings. Once you have a good handle on the beginner lessons, explore piping with more dimension and sophistication with Brush Embroidery Applications, Lambeth Techniques, and Over Piping Embellishments.

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Perfecting royal icing string work technique
Royal Icing Flooding Techniques

Royal icing is unique by which it is manipulated into a pipeable or pourable consistency to meet the demands of any cake decorating project. Here in this course, our primary focus is obtaining the right consistency of royal icing to “flood” an outlined shape for projects such as run-outs, collars, wings, and nirvana. Start this course with the Fundamentals of Liquid & Semi-liquid Batters and All Royal Icings; then, let’s see how far your creations will go!

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Decorated fondant cake techniques
Rolled Fondant Essentials

In our Rolled Fondant Essentials course, we’ll explore lessons that help bring components of a cake decorating project together. Open this course with making & coloring rolled fondant and fondant cake board covering. Once you secure these foundations in your back pocket, you’ll begin to modify the components changing the consistency for a more suitable working paste so that you can use it for many cake decorating applications. Finally, learn how to bring your design together using edible glue -the essential and invisible way to connect all of the pieces together.

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And you’ll learn so much more

Our online cake decorating classes range from foundational prepared items to full-fledged, more complex recipes.

  • Building & Icing a Buttercream Cake
  • All Royal Icings
  • Royal Icing for Basic String Work
  • Royal Icing for Oriental String Work
  • Royal Icing for Australian Extension String Work
  • Royal Icing for Decorated Cookies
  • Rolled Fondant Making & Coloring
  • Royal Icing for Over-Piping Embellishments
  • Royal Icing for Lambeth Techniques
  • Royal Icing for Brush Embroidery Applications
  • Royal Icing for Nirvana Techniques
  • Rolled Fondant Cake & Cake Board Covering
  • Buttercream Piped Flowers

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