The art of pastry, the right way

Master baking fundamentals, create pastry masterpieces

The fundamentals of pastry have been perfected by chefs over centuries. We teach you those first so you can perfect the basics before experimenting with recipes, textures, and flavors. Each of our online baking classes makes it clear why you should use particular ingredients, why the techniques work, what can go wrong, and how to correct it if it does.

Where precision gives rise to perfection

Progressive & Flexible

The bulk of the work in pastry – shaping bread, rolling dough, folding and mixing - happens before the oven is turned on. Our course emphasizes these important first steps, but flexes to accommodate different skill levels and goals. Each video lesson guides you through the fundamentals before leading you to advanced topics and more extensive courses.

Covering the Fundamentals

The success of every recipe relies on your knowledge of skills, concepts and terminology that are unique to the pastry kitchen. Fundamentals of sanitation, food science, baking tools and ingredients are the building blocks that will create the backbone for success.

Building Upon Learned Skills

Once you’ve learned the right way and mastered the little details, you’ll be able to create something brand new out of flour, butter, and sugar. Start with basic elements like meringue and buttercream, then use them 15 different ways to create macarons, layered cakes, and éclairs.

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Lessons Are at the Core

Lessons are the basis for our curriculum. Each one contains a video, chef tips, terminology definitions, and clear, step-by-step instructions. We also tell you how much hands-on time and rest time you’ll need, so you’ll be able to plan your day.

Courses Are Paths to Larger Achievement

Courses are collections of lessons with a similar focus and skill that give you a broader understanding of certain topics. You’ll find courses on pastry and baking fundamentals, as well as ones that take a closer look at particular techniques, categories, and subject matters.

Whatever your goal, we’ll guide you to reaching it

Whether you’re an at-home enthusiast, a pro looking to brush up on your skills, or a new student, our system is designed to meet you where you are.

Chef-instructed videos
Chef-instructed videos

Each video demonstrates an entire lesson from start to finish, giving detailed, step-by-step instruction

Closeup of lesson recipe steps
Detailed recipe steps

Every recipe indicates exactly how much hands-on, rest, and bake time you’ll need, as well as what equipment to use and ingredients down to the gram.

Closeup of a sample user dashboard lesson recommendations

User dashboard displays recommended content based on your setting preferences, guiding you to the lessons and courses that will help you accomplish your goals.

Closeup of a member expert article
Expert articles

Thoughts from master chefs and educators come to life in trend pieces, articles, how-tos, and equipment and ingredient reviews.

Closeup of interface glossary terms
Reference glossary

Our educators have defined hundreds of terms in encyclopedic detail, giving the history and background of pastry and baking equipment, ingredients, and terminology.  Get a sneak peek now.

You’re driven by passion; we’ll guide you with knowledge

Extensive, Frequently-Updated Lesson Library

Each lesson gives tips and terminology definitions, as well as clear, step-by-step instructions. Lessons range from instructive and elementary to advanced skill work, and topics stretch across categories from classic pastry and breadmaking to cake decorating and tarts.

Pastry Education Anywhere, Anytime

The mobile-friendly interface can be used across your iPhone, android, or tablet. Many of our lessons are easily taken in a short amount of time, and segmented scheduling help you fit pastry into your life and plan your day.

Tips & Tricks from the Masters

Every lesson includes insider knowledge from master pastry chefs. You’ll get tips about what you can make ahead of time, how to stay organized, and a heads up on any hurdles that you might encounter along the way.

Exhaustive Reference Glossary

With hundreds of defined terms, our glossary tells you what you need to know about classic pastry techniques, ingredients, and types of equipment. Updated with new entries regularly, it includes in-depth explanations and links for purchase.

Focused Paths for Longer-Term Goals

Whether you’re looking for more focused, gradual learning, have a specific pastry career in mind, or simply want to cater the perfect party, there are lesson paths curated by master chefs to help you accomplish those goals.

Knowledge Checks & Assessments

We’ll help you evaluate final products on taste, presentation, and texture and reinforce learnings for a well-rounded education. Quizzes check your understanding of the different lessons, just as if you were personally mentored by the world’s top pastry chefs from your own home.