The art of pastry, one building block at a time

We’ll deliver the strong technical foundation and knowledge you need, and you bring your passion for pastry-- from there, anything is possible.

Understanding of basic techniques

Our baking classes for beginners instill the knowledge that you need to truly become a pastry maker. Learn ingredient and preparation basics, plus the ins and outs of foundational elements like meringues, buttercream and pastry cream.

A jump start on your education

Our online learning system will jump start your pastry and baking education, giving you the proper information and tools to understand how to successfully execute the classics.

Pastry made accessible

A complete pastry education

The next best thing to being in the kitchen with chefs, our learning system is designed to deliver the knowledge of the masters in an easily digestible format. Recipes are linked together, and we help you understand how fundamentals are intertwined to create delicious results.

Comprehensive, step-by-step videos

Every lesson includes a video that walks you through all of the techniques and skills you need to successfully complete the recipe. You’ll be able to learn right alongside the masters. Watch the videos again and again to work and develop your “pastry muscles.”

Progressive learning paths

As you become familiar with the fundamentals, we’ll guide you through the more complex executions. The more you practice your craft, the better you’ll be at it, and our system is set up to guide you to successfully execute ornate, beautiful pastries.

You bring passion and dedication--we’ll teach you the rest

Instructional Lessons

Lessons contain clear, step-by-step instructions paired with terminology definitions. Each category contains foundational lessons that build up to tougher techniques and recipes.

Knowledge Checks at Every Step

We’ll help you evaluate final products on taste, presentation, texture, and organization to make sure you’re on the right track. Quizzes check your understanding of techniques, processes, and food science.

Pastry Education On Your Schedule

Mobile-friendly interface can be used across your iphone, android, or tablet. Many of our lessons are easily taken in a shorter amount of time, and segmented scheduling helps you easily fit pastry into your life.

Chef Tips & Tricks

Every lesson includes insider knowledge from master pastry chefs. You’ll get tips about what you can make ahead of time, how to stay organized, and a heads up on any pitfalls that you might encounter along the way.

Glossary Definitions

With hundreds of defined terms, our glossary tells you everything you need to know about classic pastry techniques, ingredients, and types of equipment. Updated with new entries every week.

Purchase Links

Links for purchase are peppered throughout the recipe lessons and glossary just in case there are ingredients and equipment that you might not have readily available.