Indulge your passion for pastry

Our teaching methodologies are thorough, precise, and will give you the background knowledge and insider info you need to take your craft to new heights.

Insights from industry insiders

Get instruction and guidance directly from world-renowned chefs and educators who are at the forefront of the baking and pastry arts.

Understanding of fundamentals

Access a complete lesson library that contains recipes that stretch from breads and pies to cakes and tarts -- all of the well-known pillars of French pastry.

Passion that comes through in every last bite

Learn with us how ingredients interact with each other, the way temperature affects the baking process, and the alchemy behind creating consistently delicious products.

Master chef tips

Written chef tips intermingled throughout each lesson give you a heads up anytime something could go awry, and provide recommendations on how to prevent it. These tips are direct from the masters, learned from decades of experience in five-star pastry kitchens around the world.

In-depth course quizzes

At the end of each course, an optional quiz checks your understanding of the techniques, processes, and food science that you learned along the way. You’ll be given more than just the correct answer to each question--you’ll be given detailed explanations, definitions, and justifications.

Bake your heart out

Extensive Lesson Library

Find tips and terminology definitions in each lesson, plus step-by-step instructions. Lessons range from beginner to advanced, and categories stretch across classic pastry, breadmaking, cake decorating, tarts, and more.

Purchase Links

Sprinkled throughout the experience you’ll find links to purchase ingredients and equipment that are harder to find and you might not already have on hand.

Pastry Education Across All Devices

Mobile-friendly interface can be used on your iphone, android, or tablet. Many of our lessons are easily taken in a shorter amount of time, and segmented scheduling helps you plan out baking, prep, and rest time.

Helpful Chef Tips

Get insider knowledge from master chefs within every lesson -- tips about what you can make ahead of time, how to stay organized, and a heads up on anything that could possibly go wrong.

Exhaustive Reference Glossary

With hundreds of defined terms, our glossary tells you everything you need to know about classic pastry techniques, ingredients, and types of equipment. Updated with new entries every week.