Infuse your expertise with knowledge from the greats

Our online classes are a deep dive into the concepts, techniques, and skills that are typically known only to pastry masters.

Understanding of advanced techniques

All of our recipes, videos, and tips were created by prominent chefs from pastry kitchens and classrooms around the world. The knowledge you’ll need to truly master pastry and baking can be found within the lessons, how-tos, and food science explorations that they designed after years of experience.

Emphasis on specialized skills

From basics like crème légère to more complex delicacies like soufflé, the recipes you’ll find in our baker classes are uniquely designed. Once you’ve mastered the basics, we’ll guide you through more advanced techniques and skills-- building and decorating that legendary cake is within reach.

Bring the master pastry kitchen home

Making a proper croissant is your gold standard, and you don’t hesitate at 3 am wake-up calls and weighing ingredients down to the gram. You know that good pastry takes patience and deep knowledge of the food science behind the art. That’s where we come in.

Articles from accomplished chefs

If our educators and chefs aren’t in the pastry kitchen, chances are they’re thinking about it. Read from their own experiences, discover new recipes, and pieces on trends in baking.

Curated learning paths

For those of you with loftier goals, we’ve grouped together lessons that will help you accomplish them. Whether you’re interested in baking for parties, hospitality, or retail, we can set you on the right path.

Their creative approach and organizational skills coupled with an incredible attitude have assisted us tremendously bringing the standards up to a level never seen before. I have rarely come across such talented individuals and would not hesitate to refer them to any company in need of quality services.

Jean-Paul Naquin, Chef de Cuisine
lnstitut Paul Bocuse

Hands down, Jacquy and Sebastien are the finest team of pastry and baking educators and practitioners in the world. Flavorful and contemporary desserts executed with production expertise.

Bill Yosses,
Former White House Pastry Chef

A complete learning system

Hundreds of Recipes

Each category contains dozens of lessons and recipes, and more are added on a regular basis. Topics stretch across classic pastry, cake decorating, petit fours, and more.

Comprehensive Library

In addition to step-by-step instructions, each lesson includes tips and terminology definitions, and lesson progression builds up to competition-level skills and techniques.

Pastry Education Your Way

Use your iphone, android, tablet, or desktop. Many of our lessons are easily taken in a shorter amount of time, and segmented scheduling helps you best plan your days.

Master Chef Tips

Every lesson includes insider knowledge from master pastry chefs. You’ll get tips about what you can make ahead of time, how to stay organized, and a heads up things that sometimes trip up even experienced chefs.

Exhaustive Reference Glossary

The hundreds of defined terms in our glossary tell you everything you need to know about techniques, ingredients, and equipment. It’s updated regularly and includes in-depth explanations, food science info, and purchase links.