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Learn the Art of
Bread Making 

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All things bread and bread making

Our online bread baking classes will teach you the different bread phases--from mixing the ingredients to proofing to the final bake. These core skills will help you create dark toasted loaves that turn out perfect every time and lead you to crafting adaptations of traditional, classic bread recipes.

Bread Making



From ingredient selection to mixing, fermentation, shaping, scoring, proofing, baking, and cooling, this course introduces Breadmaking Fundamentals for making the highest-quality and best-tasting bread.



This course highlights laminated doughs and the secrets behind the hundreds of buttery layers. The leafy structure of the dough is formed by following a specific method of rolling and folding the dough and butter. This results in well over 1,000 layers of laminated dough and butter.



When working with yeast doughs, understanding the fundamental steps for making the highest- quality enriched doughs with yeast using the base temperature system, testing the gluten window, and preparing a proof box is key to making successful bread.

Ready to Become

a Better Baker?

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