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A Growing Library of Tested Recipes

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Say Goodbye to Failed & Underdeveloped Recipes

Here's a story you've probably heard before:

You see a recipe online, buy the ingredients, spend the time to make it and it fails or it's simply inedible. Sound familiar? With The Butter Book, you are given the keys to a growing library of expertly tested recipes and fundamental techniques that will last long after the method is through.  No more under-tested recipes! 

Recipe Lessons

A Growing Recipe Library at Your Fingertips.

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When pastries are made well, they’re impossible not to love--and that’s what makes them classics. 

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 We’ll teach you the star ingredients of classic breads, the different types of bread starters, the hows and whys of gluten, and walk you through some of our favorite bread recipes.

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Learn how to achieve a smooth finish, how to create embellishments, and one-of-a-kind sugary sweet presentations.


And there’s so much more to love.

No matter what your area of pastry focus, we’ve got recipes to suit.

Ready to Become

a Better Baker?

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