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Over 170+ baking videos led by pastry professionals

Tried and trusted recipes you can learn at your own pace

A platform centered around a community of home bakers


Welcome To The Butter Book

Professional online baking lessons at home.

Founded by world-renowned chefs Sébastien Canonne M.O.F & Jacquy Pfeiffer of The French Pastry School, The Butter Book is an online baking community with video recipes designed to inspire sweet and delicious creations in the kitchen. 


Calling Bakers One & All

If you're a beginner looking to master the pastry basics, a seasoned home baker looking to take your baking skills to the next level, or a professional pastry chef eager to reconnect with classic recipes, then The Butter Book is designed for you! 

Lessons Crafted to

Educate & Inspire

Once a member of The Butter Book, you are given front row access to professionally curated recipes, updated weekly, and taught by some of the industry's best pastry chefs and instructors.


Say goodbye to failed and untested recipes. With The Butter Book, you are given the keys to a growing library of expertly tested recipes and fundamental pastry techniques that will last long after the method is through. 

Baking at Home with the Recipes for Success 


Baking videos led by professionals

Each video recipe is handcrafted to give you a foundational knowledge of all things pastry, from:

How to make the perfect pie crust every time

Tips for a light and flaky croissant

 Secrets for baking sourdough bread

 How to decorate an ombré cake

 And so much more!


Bake along at your own pace as your virtual instructor leads you step-by-step, with visual cues and chef tips, through each recipe. 


Don't just be a baker, be a

food scientist!

With The Butter Book, you’ll not only learn how to bake, you'll understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind each recipe and baking technique.


Our online baking classes teach the fundamentals of how ingredients work and interact with one another, substitutions, and more.


Baking is all about community 

Once you become a member of The Butter Book, you will be part of a vibrant, pastry-loving community.


You will gain full access to our Member-Only Facebook Group, where you can connect with other avid bakers of all levels.


Baking challenges, member spotlights, and live Q&A's with our chefs and contributors. 


All Things Baked & Sweet

Our growing online baking library includes professionally-tested recipes for delicious breads, cakes, pastries, confections, candies, and more.

Chef Articles, Baking How-To’s, Recipes & More!

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Start Your Free Trial 

Become a better baker today. Get unlimited access to our growing library of exclusive content, accessible across all of your devices. 

Completely risk free, and you can cancel anytime.

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